We wrote about Tuesday that the Chief of Staff to the President, who as of late came back from Germany, has tried positive for the fatal Coronavirus.

Nnamdi Kanu said that very soon Nigeria will be without a President, in light of the fact that, as per him, COVID-19

“presents the degenerate criminal Fulani intrigue in Abuja and their associates in the Lagos media with a chance to bundle and send Jubril Al-Sudani back to his nation Sudan, in light of the fact that more likely than not he also is tainted with Corona infection.”

The IPOB pioneer accepts that the present advancement will uncover a great deal of privileged insights at the Presidency, including that time is abandoning Kyari and someone else he portrayed as Jubril Al-Sudani.

“The news that Nigeria’s true ‘president’ and head of government Abba Kyari is sick with COVID-19 or COVIK-ONE NINE as per the impostor, presents the degenerate criminal Fulani plot in Abuja and their associates,” he composed on Facebook.

“It seems this little virus will flush out all the dirty secrets of the Zoo that even the most ardent establishment supporting conspiratorial Nigerian news media will not be able to cover up.

“Time is running out for both the Sudanese impostor, his London based plastic surgeons and all those that foistered him on brainless hapless Nigerians.

Sharing a picture of President Buhari and Abba Kyari, Nnamdi Kanu added,

“This is the picture below of a surgically enhanced and heavily made-up Jubril Al-Sudani being escorted by his master, his recruiter, handler and the true unelected ruler of Nigeria Abba Kyari.”

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