Previous Arsenal protector, Martin Keown, has said amazing chief Arsene Wenger, would be the ideal decision to turn into the new Arsenal executive.

Sir Chips Keswick resigned from the position a week ago, in the wake of going through 15 years on the board.

Keswick conceded he generally needed to leave, however the COVID-19 pandemic has settled on him present his choice.

The Gunners are presently searching for Keswick’s replacement and Keown demands Arsenal should look no farther than Wenger.

“It would be something special to see Arsene Wenger come onto the board.

“I don’t think so somehow, I think he’s said recently he doesn’t want to do that, never saw himself as someone who would sit on the board but they could do a lot worse.

“You know that I feel that would be almost the perfect answer for Kroenke, the young Josh Kroenke, he needs that older person perhaps around, someone with the experience,” Keown told talkSPORT.

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